CAT WB 718



1.375×24 HUB

Model: CAT/WB/A1
Caliber: 5.56 mm
Weight Inconel: 12.8 oz (Core) *
Overall Length: 5.45”
Diameter: 1.60″
Finish: DLC
Mounting: 1/2×28 Direct Thread (Included)
Price Inconel: $1,190.00

1x16LH QD

Model: CAT/WB/A1
Caliber: 5.56 mm
Weight Inconel: 14.4 oz *
Overall Length: 5.80”
Diameter: 1.60”
Finish: DLC
Mounting: Spooky 1 (Included)
Price Inconel: $1,250.00


  • CAT WB Titanium Suppressor
  • 1/2×28 DT Adapter (HUB) or Spooky 1 (QD)
  • Owners Manual

Enter the serial number (*Internal Use*)


Like Wonder Bread, there’s a special kind of magic in CAT’s White Bread (WB). This 5.56mm suppressor represents a significant advancement in suppressor technology, showcasing a distinctive internal pressure dynamic system, referred to as SURGE BYPASS©, which manages the flow of gases more efficiently over a reduced length, minimizing both sound and felt recoil for the shooter. The specific DMLS engineering and internal structuring of WB channels gases through multiple pressure zones, ensuring that sound waves are diffused and attenuated in a manner that offers superior high pitch, high frequency noise reduction but also aids in minimizing pressure wave propagation for the shooter in confined spaces.

Additional information

Thread Pitch

1.375×24 (HUB), 1×16 LH (QD)


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