BPG Miami Firearm Policies

In order to Purchase Firearms Online:

You must be 18 or older to purchase long guns and 21 or older to purchase handguns. Check your local & state laws. You must complete the following steps listed below before we can process your order:

Verify that the product you wish to purchase from BPG Miami meets your state, county, or city firearm laws.

Find a local FFL that will accept the transfer of the firearm for you. This can be your local Gun Shop, Pawn Shop, Gun Range or any other location that holds a current FFL and will help you with your transaction.
Please have your selected FFL email a copy of their FFL license to admin@bpgmiami.com . Once you have completed your firearm purchase online you will receive an order confirmation email.

If you do not receive an email order status update within two business days after placing your order, please contact us via email: sales@bpgmiami.com

Please make sure you write your name and order number on any correspondence you send us.
Attn: Sales Department
7137 N. Miami Ave Miami FL 33150
E-Mail forms to: sales@bpgmiami.com

Contact your FFL and tell them you would like to transfer a firearm from BPG Miami. This transaction is between you and the FFL holder. Once your FFL receives your firearm; you will need to pick it up.


When we receive a transfer from an FFL/SOT dealer, we inspect the packages for damages, we report and document any marks to make sure contents are ok. As we unpack, we make sure to maintain all firearms safety rules, such as making sure all firearms are empty and locked to the rear. After that we check the serial number/model of the firearm all match up with our invoice from supplier/dealer. Once firearms have been logged in our books, we return firearms to its retail packaging/cases and proceed to store them in a Stack-On fire resistant numeric access safe while parts, ammunition and accessories are stored in our armorer’s cage with a key entry lock. To-be-scrapped firearms must be inventoried during an ATF inspection if they are onsite and are considered an “open disposition”. If you aren’t able to immediately destroy a firearm once it is deemed scrap, then the firearm can be segregated and secured in a locked container.


The sale of firearms is done on location and/or online. Customers that are legally eligible to own or possess firearms can choose to purchase them in person or online. If done on location we have the individual fill out the ATF Form 4473 and run a background check through FDLE NICS (Firearms Eligibility System) website, using their Driver’s License and Social Security Number we verify the identity of the customer, once background comes back clear, we proceed to inform the individual that they are good to go. Depending if the individual has a CCP (Concealed Weapons Permit) they are eligible take the firearm home with then the same day, if the individual DOES NOT have a CCP they are not eligible to take the firearm home until a have to wait a 1 to 14 days cool down period from the purchase date, enough time to have background checks through all Security Agencies.

We then proceed to charge the customer using our invoice system, we create an invoice with the appropriate items, if it’s a firearm or a NFA item, we make sure to include the Serial Number on the invoice description. If the firearm sale is done online, we ship to another FFL/SOT dealer, we work with FFLs of client’s choice and will accommodate as such. Once purchased a firearm, we will request the FFL/SOT dealer for a copy of their license to admin@bpgmiami.com along with your order ID. we check FFL eZCheck 3.1.2 – Federal Firearms License Search (atf.gov) once verified. We will process your order accordingly and notify you upon shipment of firearm to your local FFL dealer. Please note, once the firearm is unclaimed for 90 days, you forfeit your firearm purchase with no exceptions. All firearm and NFA item sales are final and cannot be modified, credited, or refunded.


if there is a warranty issue, please contact us at admin@bpgmiami.com and we will address their concern immediately. No returns or exchanges are given on 80% receivers once they are purchased / received by customer. No returns or exchanges are given on items damaged by customer, or items that have been used and / or items modified / worked on by the customer / gunsmith / or any other person (including but not limited to lower receiver products).


All serialized item sales are final and cannot be modified, credited, or refunded.

No returns or exchanges given on FFL transfer items once the firearm is transferred out from the local FFL dealer (does not apply to warranty issues). We suggest they inspect their items carefully upon receipt for any defects / damage / misalignment and / or assembly issues.


Firearms must be shipped in new corrugated packaging which meets the UPS Single Wall Box Strength
Guidelines, all firearms are packaged in accordance with UPS Packaging Guideline Specifications.
Ammunition must be shipped separately from packages that contain firearms (including handguns). We
also include corresponding invoice, packing list and a copy of our FFL license. Packages containing handguns must be separated from other packages tendered to UPS for delivery.
The shipper must use Delivery Confirmation Adult Signature Required and Direct Delivery Only services
for each package containing a firearm, including a handgun or a firearm suppressor, and affix a UPS label
requesting an adult signature upon delivery.

The labeling and outer box markings on all firearms shipments should not identify the contents as containing a firearm. Labeling, including the shipper’s and consignee’s abbreviated names on the shipping label or air shipping document, must be non-descriptive. Finally, we inform FFL Dealer that there is a package on the way and we provide tracking information.