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What is your go to caliber when shooting suppressed?
What is your preferred length for a suppressed rifle?
Whats on your hanguard?

Keep your rail systems nice and cool with our Rail Rap! Guaranteed to perform in all year weather/conditions. Works amazing with lights, wires and up front gizmos!
How do you run your suppressor? Naked or wrapped?

Our suppressor cover take care of any mirage to give you a clear path for your optics/lasers while maintaining your can cool enough to handle.

Covers are available in store!
Do you like wearing gloves? 

The @burnproofgear Rail Rap eliminates the need to use gloves when handling your blaster. It keeps things cool while maintaining a solid grip along with a point of reference on your rail system. 

Available here at @bpgmiami
What admin items would you add to your rig?

Padded Harness with Milspec webbing makes attaching crucial gear a breeze! Mount PTTs, Chem Lights, Carabiners and much more! Not to mention an added velcro space for all ID patches!
What would you run a BPG Placard on?

Our @burnproofgear Placards can interface with other chest rigs and plate carriers as well, we believe in cross-compatibility!

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BP15 is the new standard for an out of the box suppressed experience.
BP15 in FDE is perfect for all your matching kit. Come check em out 🤙🏼
@lawtactical folders are available for all our BP15 builds. Making our pistol compact and ready for any backpack adventures.
Our BP15 has 11.3 Inches of @ballisticadvantage Hanson Barrels goodness! Topped of with a tapered Cherry Bomb!
Sniper Grey BP15 Pistols. Balanced, Lightweight and Sharp. Like a good sword.
Black Scorpion 🦂 available on our site. Comes with 2 -20 round mags. Perfect PCC.
Yeah they twins but we can tell they ass apart 

🦂 in both colors.
Fresh outta the box CZ Scorpion in FDE 🦂 Available now! Check out our shop for more details 🤙🏼

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