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Order your Daily Backpack from @burnproofgear this weekend and take advantage of 30% off flash sale. Once these hit amazon they’ll be back to MSRP!
Only one color will be made per run so if you want black, order before they’re gone for at least a year…
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BPG is days away from launching this new product and still haven’t picked a name. Comment below what you think suits this awesome new backpack well and help them decide!
@jessetrice_ 📸
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The new pack by @burnproofgear is going to be perfect for everyday carry! The name is yet to be decided. Sign up for notifications on their Instagram to be the first to find out what name was picked by their 47K+ followers!
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Primary Weapon Systems Suppressors are in stock! Come by and check out this incredible line of cutting edge suppression technology! 
@primaryweapons @burnproofgear @jr.bpg 
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It’s a new year and we’re hitting the ground running with new socials content creators! @cqm_group @jessetrice_ @recom_actual will be bringing some new 🔥 to our feeds!
If you weren’t at #CanCon2022, you missed out… catch us there next year!
2023 will be our fourth year in business, second year since our store grand opening (thanks c19) and we’re going to make big moves. Get ready!
Rooftop Dimes 
North Miami Vibes
Rooftop Dimes 
North Miami Vibes
Rooftop Dimes 
North Miami Vibes
Who is slinging lead this weekend? 🙋🏻‍♂️
Do you guys like big or small EDC backpacks? 

With its expandable pockets and compact yet roomy interior/pockets, small profile and modularity. The BPG Scout pack seems to hit all the marks!
Should you run back up sights regardless of having an optic?
Do you prefer a stock or a brace? 👀
What is your go to caliber when shooting suppressed?
What is your preferred length for a suppressed rifle?
Whats on your hanguard?

Keep your rail systems nice and cool with our Rail Rap! Guaranteed to perform in all year weather/conditions. Works amazing with lights, wires and up front gizmos!
How do you run your suppressor? Naked or wrapped?

Our suppressor cover take care of any mirage to give you a clear path for your optics/lasers while maintaining your can cool enough to handle.

Covers are available in store!
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