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Black Scorpion 🦂 available on our site. Comes with 2 -20 round mags. Perfect PCC.
Yeah they twins but we can tell they ass apart 

🦂 in both colors.
Fresh outta the box CZ Scorpion in FDE 🦂 Available now! Check out our shop for more details 🤙🏼
Our FDE sets/full builds will be available this week! Stay tuned for more details 🤙🏼
Trigger, BCGs, controls! We got it all the parts to build your next pew pew.
Come on by and check us out!
The @burnproofgear Rail Rap is available online and at our shop! Perfect for any rail and available in most colorways like this Multicam Arid 🤙🏼
Top tier parts with the best components. No corners cut with the BP15.
Haven’t you heard? The BP15 is getting rep for being one of the  most balanced and lightest rifle in its class! Along with being suppressed ready out of the box, it makes the BP15 quite the contender 👊🏼
Our covers are tailored made to each specific suppressor model/make. Deadair, Surefire, Q and even Form 1 suppressors, we can custom fit/make it all 💪🏼
Happy New Year! Lets make 2022 a year for success and new beginnings!

Check out our online shop for new and exciting products to roll out for 2022!
Just got a fresh batch of Obsidians from @ruggedsuppressors ! If you have a pistol or PCC these are an excellent value with great sound suppression and adaptability.
Available for 9 & 45 in Black or FDE.

Check our website for great pricing 🔥
Honey Badger SD’s just touched down at the shop! Only limited quantities available 🔥

DM for more info 🤙🏼

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