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Rapped and Strapped 🤙🏼
Did you know we are a Q Distributor? We got all the cool @the_official_q toys and cans with more on the way! Customers and gun shops alike, we want to take care of you!

We are also a @silencershopdealer with the @silencershop Kiosk. If you live anywhere in Florida and want to get NFA toys, check with us first. We can get pretty much any suppressor and take care of your NFA fingerprint process in one shot, in-store.
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Suppressor Covers in stock! Wrap that can and protect yourself from the 🔥
Rail Raps are easily one of the best upgrades you can do for your blaster! 
Fits any rail system. Bigger weapon systems can use the Rail Rap Heavy such as AKs , FAL, SCAR etc
Trash Pandas 🐼 are available on our site! Grab em while they last!
Boom Stick 💥
Wrap it up. Don’t be fooled by other imitators. Our covers WORK. 
And are the best looking ;)
Agent of Chaos.
Whats your favorite muzzle accessories?
For all of those, who wanna profile and pose…

Whats your favorite @the_official_q blaster? 

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What is your favorite upper receiver?
What’s your favorite suppressor to shoot 556 out of?
Suppressed Sundays with @the_official_q Erector 9. 

Sale on Erector9 are still going on!
Whats your choice on safety selectors?
90 or 45?
Whats your take on BCGs?
Black Nitride or Nickel Boron?
SALE: Bootleg Adjustable BCGs are available on our store! @bpgmiami They are on sale and ship free! 

If you want the most out of your suppressed gun you gotta run these BCGs!

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