MaxxTech .45 ACP 230gr FMJ 50 Round Cylinder


  • 230 Grain full metal jacket bullet
  • Made with a new reloadable brass case.
  •  50 rounds
  • Stores remarkably well courtesy of its non-corrosive Boxer primer!
  • Made in Bosnia Herzegovina

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Whether you’re target shooting or practicing or just plinking, MaxxTech is the ideal ammunition for you.

It’s not only reliable but it’s premium ammo at an affordable price.

This 45 ACP load is a 230 Grain, full metal jacket bullet, which is boxer primed.

Made with a new reloadable brass case.

This is a cylinder of 50 rounds .45 acp ammo

It’s a comforting feeling, having an enormous pile of ammo standing by to do whatever you please with.

You never know when your recycling will need to take part in a spontaneous plinking session, or when atomic radiation is going to throw us all head first into a Night of the Living Dead type situation.

Of course, an enormous pile of ammunition is never cheap, but with this cost-effective 45 ACP ammo by MAXX Tech one is wholly within the scope of your budget, whatever that might be!

MaxxTech is offered by Pobjeda Technology, an Eastern European manufacturer which has optimized their production to yield cost-effective yet reliable ammo.

This round’s 230 grain projectile will ensure dependable feeding and create relatively less fouling owing to its hard full metal jacket, and unlike much other budget ammo it offers a factory fresh brass casing.

This cartridge also stores remarkably well courtesy of its non-corrosive Boxer primer!

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Weight 41 oz
Dimensions 4.4 × 6.8 × 3.8 in


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